Saturday, 20 August 2016

After much deliberation I decided that a mobile version of my website was needed rather than a responsive option. Obviously I had designed it with desktop users in mind but this proved significantly harder to use on mobile and also gave me the chance to up the font size and layout for mobile users. Hopefully, further updates will be far less painful now although I will have to produce two pages for every single new page. (I can see this is going to eat into my photography time a bit!)

Monday, 1 August 2016

Progress has been made on the website. For the moment I would almost call it finished but obviously the nature of the beast means I still will do some more tweaks and add some more images to a few of the sections. It has been quite a task to get to this stage but rewarding to do it all hands on rather than use a pre-set template based database dependant website. Now all I have to do is check it all out for issues on as many machines, tablets and phones to ensure it responds correctly on all platforms.

If anyone feels like having a quick peep at it and give me some feedback, please do so as any comments would be much appreciated.